Forex Trading money currency

Margin foreign exchange involves two parties entering into a contract to exchange the difference in the value of currencies beginning the time the position is opened until its closure. The main benefit of foreign exchange is the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, five days a week thereby enabling traders to transact from Sunday night through to Friday night.

Traders can access leverage which enables them to speculate on news events and global currency flows. Forex is currently the largest and most liquid in the world. This makes it also the last and true arena where real price discovery and fair market competition exists.

Forex trading with IC Markets

With IC markets forex trade becomes much easier because true ECN trading environment allows traders to transact online using institutional grade liquidity from major investment banks in the wforexorld hence allowing them to trade on spreads from 0 pips. This is quite a revelation enabling you to trade along with the world’s biggest banking institutions with your order flowing straight into the ECN environment.

Forex traders are spoilt for choice these days. This is why IC markets always strive to be the best by offering clients the best services. These services include true ECN with direct access to tight spreads, interbank liquidity, exceptional customer service and quality and quick execution.


IC markets provide forex traders with low spreads during all market conditions. IC markets have invested heavily in technology and maintained strong ties with the most reliable liquid providers. They are constantly accumulating more liquidity into their true ECN environment in a bid to attract the best forex trading conditions for the traders.


The partnership between IC markets and the world’s leading technology firms assures every forex trader of the ultimate trading environment. This environment is equipped with cutting edge tools which include inbuilt spread monitoring, Depth of Market (DOM), ladder trading, and automated close of trades. They have iPhone and Android applications that are optimized to provide you with the best experience on your gadget.


It is now possible for you to be filled with trade sizes ranging from 1 micro lot to 1,000 lots via ECN. The ECN is capable of sorting and ranking prices to allow for real-time execution of large trades through multiple liquid providers. Using their price tier which helps to ensure the best price for every trader.