Benefits Of Forex Trading With IC Markets

Forex Trading

Margin foreign exchange involves two parties entering into a contract to exchange the difference in the value of currencies beginning the time the position is opened until its closure. The main benefit of foreign exchange is the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, five days a week thereby enabling traders to transact from Sunday night through to Friday night.

Traders can access leverage which enables them to speculate on news events and global currency flows. Forex is currently the largest and most liquid in the world. This makes it also the last and true arena where real price discovery and fair market competition exists.

Forex trading with IC Markets

With IC markets forex trade becomes much easier because true ECN trading environment allows traders to transact online using institutional grade liquidity from major investment banks in the wforexorld hence allowing them to trade on spreads from 0 pips. This is quite a revelation enabling you to trade along with the world’s biggest banking institutions with your order flowing straight into the ECN environment.

Forex traders are spoilt for choice these days. This is why IC markets always strive to be the best by offering clients the best services. These services include true ECN with direct access to tight spreads, interbank liquidity, exceptional customer service and quality and quick execution.


IC markets provide forex traders with low spreads during all market conditions. IC markets have invested heavily in technology and maintained strong ties with the most reliable liquid providers. They are constantly accumulating more liquidity into their true ECN environment in a bid to attract the best forex trading conditions for the traders.


The partnership between IC markets and the world’s leading technology firms assures every forex trader of the ultimate trading environment. This environment is equipped with cutting edge tools which include inbuilt spread monitoring, Depth of Market (DOM), ladder trading, and automated close of trades. They have iPhone and Android applications that are optimized to provide you with the best experience on your gadget.


It is now possible for you to be filled with trade sizes ranging from 1 micro lot to 1,000 lots via ECN. The ECN is capable of sorting and ranking prices to allow for real-time execution of large trades through multiple liquid providers. Using their price tier which helps to ensure the best price for every trader.…

Tips on how to start trading online

Forex Trading

There are many people making a living by trading online. If you are thinking about starting, you might be wondering how to start trading online. It can be profitable. However, it is not one of those things that you should rush to do without taking the time to learn the tricks. This is because you can easily end up losing your money if you don’t know exactly what to do. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind that can help you make profits when you start trading online.

Know how to trade online

Some of the important tips on how to start trading online that you have to keep in mind include;

1. Research stocks before placing a buy order

man working on computerThere is a lot of misinformation out there. You should not try to do anything without conducting thorough research. You are likely to make the wrong decision if you do not have adequate information in mind. Take your time to conduct research. Gather as much information as you can about different stocks. If possible, you can seek help or advice from the experts. Look for the best opportunities to put your money in. Before you decide to trade, make sure that you are putting your money in something that has good prospects.

2. Trading will always be a learning experience

Online trading will always be a learning experience. There are many mistakes that you might make along the way. Some mistakes can be very costly. However, they should not deter you from achieving what you want to achieve. Every mistake that you are going to make when you start trading online should be a learning experience. Take every wrong move as an opportunity to learn. Remember, it will only be a matter of time before you become a good trader when you learn from your experiences and if you avoid all the mistakes that you made in the past.

3. Do not risk a lot of capital in one trade

forex trading You should set a percentage that you are going to trade within a given period of time. Do not put a lot of your capital in one trade. If you put all you have in one trade, you can lose everything if things go wrong. It does not matter how confident you are about making profits. Never put all your capital in one trade if you want to reduce your level of risk. Remember, the trading market is not going anywhere; there will be a lot of opportunities tomorrow.…

Benefits of Training in Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the best ways to become wealthy. However, it is not easy to make it in this form of trade. Using tradeonix, you can get a tradeonix bonus and improve your forex trading. There are some things you need to know before joining the bandwagon.

Training in forex trading

Learn about the fundamentals of forex trading in today’s marketgrowing money

To become a master trader, you must have an in-depth understanding of the forex trading. A trader who understands how the value of currency changes and factors that influence them is likely to do better than one without knowledge on the same.

Also, most successful and influential traders understand risk management, application of online trading platforms as well as money management. During forex training, students gain hands-on experience under the leadership of experts in this field.

Learn the best trading strategy and mindset today

Most of the successful traders in forex trading have similar mindsets. They are aware that trading is not a marathon but a sprint. Also, they know that you have to expect success while at the same time anticipating for failure. Developing the mindset of a successful trader is very important when it comes to forex trading.

Training offers learners with an opportunity to learn about basics. Through training, your tutors will explain different strategies that you can use to become a successful forex trader at the end of the day. For example, you are going to learn about profitable trading strategies and four low risks.

Live trading and hands-on practice

Training offers learners with a hands-on experience with real trading platforms. Training is very helpful for novices as well as experienced traders. Live trading is undertaken by experienced experts.

Networkinflying money g opportunities

Despite the fact that daily trading is an individual pursuit, it is good for traders to have a very strong network of like-minded persons. Beginners who operate in an environment where they are professional traders tend to perform better.

Mentoring opportunities

Experts in charge of forex training are great mentors. Learners will learn how to trade like pros by looking at some of the things experienced traders are doing it.

Forex trading comes with various benefits. Individuals who undertake to understand the fundamentals of forex trading. Also, they develop knowledge about the best trading strategies. Furthermore, training offers traders with a chance to network with other persons in forex trading.…