Benefits of Business Loans from Merchant Money


Merchant Money is a lending institution in the UK specialized in offering short-term unsecured business loans to companies, partnerships, and sole traders. They have flexible terms, affordable rates of interest, and issue premium services. Enterprises in the UK have taken advantage of unsecured business loans and advances to enhance their operation and business growth. Merchant Money unsecured business loans  is one of the most popular services that they offer. Currently, more than 1,000 companies in over 55 industries have benefited from about £50,000,000 issued by Merchant Money to SMEs in the UK.


Quick application

The first benefit you get is a fast and straightforward loan application process, which only requires three steps. Step 1 credit report involves filling in your business information through their online platform that only takes five minutes.

Step 2 comprises receiving secure login details to enable you to submit additional details regarding the enterprise for further analysis by the experts and approval for funding. The final step encompasses the instant transfer of the requested loan into your bank account should your application sail through and receive the expert approval.

Prompt approval

After submitting the details of your company through the application process, the credit experts from the Merchant Money review, analyze, and approve your loan request within 24 hours. Upon finalizing your claim, the company transfers the loan into your bank account in less than two hours, which is still within the one-day approval period.

Interests only

The unsecured business loans issued by Merchant Money are free from any other hidden charges, no administration fee, and no APRs required. You only pay the interest pre-agreed on the owed amount in addition to the funds borrowed from the company. It also comes with an introductory period that is free from interest fee for you. You cannot find such benefit in any other bank.

Minimum requirements

The lending facility has minimized their requirements to access their loan facility to only the ability to pay and credit profile. You do not have to submit a business plan or any collateral to secure the loan. It is different from other banks that need you to present a security and a business plan before offering their business loans.

Transparent pricing

counting money As mention earlier that there are no hidden charges, Merchant Money has very clear pricing mechanisms. They use their estimate calculator to assess your business and determine the amount of loan you could receive as well as the rate of interest you will attract fast.

They offer flexible terms of between one month and two years depending on the amount of loan advanced to you. The openness of its pricing model and the affordability makes Merchant Money the most preferred lender of business loans in the UK.…