How to Identify a Reliable Insurance Customer Service Agent

Insurance is an essential financial activity which we all should consider in our financial planning and adhere to it 100%. Insurance provides us the necessary safety net in case of any untoward happens in our life. There are many types of insurances available. But this article is not about insurance per se.

Identifying a reliable customer service agent

Taking an insurance policy is a right decision, going through the cumbersome process of
approaching an insurance company to finally subscribing to a policy that we need is a massive pain. This is where insurance customer service agents come into the picture. These agents are the bridge between an insurance company and its clients.coins and clock

Qualities to look for

An insurance customer service agent should understand, customer’s requirements first. Many of these agents will start selling their insurance policies from the word go to meet their target. That’s not the right thing to do.

Insurance customer service agents should first listen patiently to the customer and understand their needs. Most customers will know what they want, but struggle to choose a right policy, primarily because they are not that savvy when it comes to various policies available and jargons associated with it.

Here, an insurance customer service agent should explain what they understood as customer requirement and bring up the best policies that when subscribed will benefit immensely the customer.

Then explain to them, why they should choose a policy and how this plays against other similar policies in the market, what benefits this policy provides a customer.

This will help the customer map his needs to the policy given to him and helps him in decision making.

Now the decision has been made by the customer. Then comes the process of subscribing to the chosen policy.

So far, the meeting between a customer and insurance service agent can be through phone or skype video. Once the customer decides, then, the meeting should happen in person.holding a house miniature
This will help the customer to go through the process of subscribing to a policy with ease. Like filling forms, giving proof documents as mandated by the insurance company, also, insurance customer service agent can in person answer any queries that this customer has before he signs the dotted line.

Once a customer completes all required prerequisites, the role of an insurance customer service agent becomes more important.

He needs to keep the communication line between the insurance company and the customer clear. This means all communication between the company and the customer should be then and there.…

PPI Claims – Claiming By Yourself Vs. Using A PPI Company


Millions have been victims of mis-sold PPI in the past. Primarily, you have two ways of getting your money back if you are convinced that your PPIs might have been mis-sold. Ideally, you have the option of presenting your claims or having a PPI claims on your side. That said, these articles intends to look at these two options and determine whether or not using a PPI claims company is indeed the best option.

PPI Claiming Options

PPI claims companycoin and note

As much these services will cost you in some way, they also help in many ways. First, the level of expertise offered by the best ppi claims company improves your chances of getting your money back. This is particularly important considering that most financial institutions have a tendency of rejecting valid claims.

Secondly, using a PPI claims company automates the application process. This option involves letting a team of professional handle your claims as you attend to other important issues. If you do not have the time and energy to handle this process, it is a noble idea to walk with the experts. Moreover, the claims company also regularly updates on the progress of your application.

Working with a PPI claims company brings in some sanity into the application process. This is particularly important considering that either most people in the general domain feel inadequate or they know nothing about the application process.

Claiming back PPI on your own

2 people fighting for money illustration At first, the decision to claim PPI on your own might seem lucrative. This is mainly because it is free and you receive the full amount once your application is complete. However, the process might not turn out to be successful due to the lack of expertise in handling these claims. The other downside is the lack of a contact point to let you know about the progress of your application.

Whichever option you decide to follow, it will always have some pros and cons. As such, when making a claim, you need to make the decision based on your personal preferences. Most people that opt to handle these claims on their own often end up failing. They also do not know what to do when the claim is rejected. Besides the fact that PPI claims company charge something, they also take a significant burden off your shoulders. Most importantly, a PPI claims company improves your chances of receiving your claim.…

5 Tips For Choosing Life Assurance Premiums


Choosing a life assurance policy can be more than a bit daunting even to those who have done it before. There are just too many players in the industry offering almost identical products thus making the entire process confusing. To be sure of settling on the best, instantly view premiums with eFalcon Life for informative life assurance reviews. That aside, it is important to observe the following tips when loooking at insurance quotes.

Look at the reliability of the providerold man with hat

Unknown to many people is the fact that an insurance policy is only as good as the company that gives it. Therefore, one needs to choose a reliable, reputable and trustworthy company. Such a company will not only invests the premium in a highly prudent manner but also pay the claims of its policyholders as and when they matures.

Choose a suitable premium rate by consulting a financial expert

Most insurance companies prefer monthly premium payments. It is thus highly advisable for the insured to choose a rate that best fits with monthly income. Choosing a high rate might end up jeopardizing your financial stability and even making it hard to keep honor future premiums. The most reasonable thing to do is talk with a financial expert to recommend a suitable premium to pick and to liaise with the insurance policy providers.

Policyholders age versus premiums

Whereas some people may need life insurance at some point in their life, it is a grievous mistake to buy a policy only because people are buying. Life insurance coverage is designed to provide families with financial security in the event of the death of a parent or spouse.

The policy offers protection in that it can help meet the financial needs of a family like pay for mortgages, help fund retirement, pay college education among other responsibilities. Even if someone does not have any of these needs immediately, it is advisable to consider purchasing a small policy as the need will arise in the future. The younger the policyholder, the less expensive life insurance premiums will be.

calculator Identify the right policy with regards to premium

Once an individual has figured out figured how much coverage is appropriate, it is time to think about the right policy to settle on. There are two main options available, and these are the term life insurance policy that goes for a more affordable premium and the permanent life insurance policy that offers a more comprehensive coverage.

Vocabulary enhancement

Just like any other field, life insurance industry has quite a number of vocabulary. These include terminologies like insured, assured, term of the policy, premium and beneficiary among others. All these can be very confusing, and one might end up choosing a life insurance policy that does not suit the desired need. It is thus advisable to research and get acquainted with some of the basics…