PPI Claims – Claiming By Yourself Vs. Using A PPI Company


Millions have been victims of mis-sold PPI in the past. Primarily, you have two ways of getting your money back if you are convinced that your PPIs might have been mis-sold. Ideally, you have the option of presenting your claims or having a PPI claims on your side. That said, these articles intends to look at these two options and determine whether or not using a PPI claims company is indeed the best option.

PPI Claiming Options

PPI claims companycoin and note

As much these services will cost you in some way, they also help in many ways. First, the level of expertise offered by the best ppi claims company improves your chances of getting your money back. This is particularly important considering that most financial institutions have a tendency of rejecting valid claims.

Secondly, using a PPI claims company automates the application process. This option involves letting a team of professional handle your claims as you attend to other important issues. If you do not have the time and energy to handle this process, it is a noble idea to walk with the experts. Moreover, the claims company also regularly updates on the progress of your application.

Working with a PPI claims company brings in some sanity into the application process. This is particularly important considering that either most people in the general domain feel inadequate or they know nothing about the application process.

Claiming back PPI on your own

2 people fighting for money illustration At first, the decision to claim PPI on your own might seem lucrative. This is mainly because it is free and you receive the full amount once your application is complete. However, the process might not turn out to be successful due to the lack of expertise in handling these claims. The other downside is the lack of a contact point to let you know about the progress of your application.

Whichever option you decide to follow, it will always have some pros and cons. As such, when making a claim, you need to make the decision based on your personal preferences. Most people that opt to handle these claims on their own often end up failing. They also do not know what to do when the claim is rejected. Besides the fact that PPI claims company charge something, they also take a significant burden off your shoulders. Most importantly, a PPI claims company improves your chances of receiving your claim.…